Sell your Property: Send us your property details

We welcome our customers to sell property through ERCA Realty. Please provide complete details of the property in message box. Please also complete the form. Property details without valid phone number and email will not be accepted by ERCA Team. Upon verficiation of the details, ERCA team mamber will contact you through email to provide all legal papers of the property for verification.

Customer are requested not to provide false information about the property. All legal issues should be disclosed at the time of posting the property details. If at later stage any legal dispute arises then it will be sole resposibility of person providing the details of property to us. We would also be carrying out verification at various level, if at any stage the property is found disputed or any legal issues are associated with the property then the customer is liable to bear all the cost of verification. Customers are requested not be send details of properties having any legal issues.

If customers are interested in availing our legal services for properties with legal issues then please mail us at